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LMU–CSC Scholarship Program

The China Scholarship Council (CSC), in cooperation with LMU Munich, offers scholarships to highly qualified Chinese students and researchers.

Outstanding Chinese students and researchers have the opportunity to conduct their doctoral research projects at LMU Munich, one of the strongest research Universities in Europe, supported by a full scholarship from the Chinese Scholarship Council.

Thanks to an exclusive agreement between LMU Munich and CSC, more than 200 doctoral students of various disciplines from Biology to Sociology have received scholarships for doctoral studies since 2005.

Students can choose to follow a full doctoral program at LMU Munich (3-4 years) or to participate in a so-called “sandwich model”, where only part of their research project is conducted at LMU (1-2 years).


Dr. Dongmei Zhang (Coordinator of Applications LMU–CSC Programm)
Ludwigstr. 27
80539 Munich
Tel.: +49 (0)89 2180-6169
E-mail: dongmei.zhang@lmu.de

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Research opportunities

Research opportunities for Chinese
doctoral students

Doctoral studies for Chinese students can be pursued within two models:

Model 1: Scholarships for doctoral projects pursued only at LMU Munich

Most doctoral students at LMU Munich carry out their thesis studies under the supervision of an individual professor and there is no compulsory curriculum. In addition to the individual doctoral supervision scheme, LMU offers a growing number of doctoral programs — there are currently 36 structured programs covering a broad range of disciplines.

Model 2: Scholarships for “Sandwich” doctoral programs

Students who choose the “Sandwich” Model undertake the first year of their graduate studies at their home university, then do one or two years of research at LMU and return to China to complete their doctoral program. The doctoral title is conferred by the Chinese university. In all other respects, this model follows the individual supervision scheme.

As a precondition for the application students must prove that they have been formally accepted for doctoral studies at LMU:

  • In the individual supervision scheme the acceptance letter is issued by the future supervisor.

  • In the case of doctoral programs, the acceptance letter is issued by the program coordinator.

The acceptance letter, however, is only one of the elements required for admission to the CSC–LMU program. The first and most important step is to choose from the many options offered by LMU the course or field that best matches your research interests and skills. There are ways of doing this other than directly contacting renowned researchers in the faculties and departments of LMU.

International Office

The easiest way to get in touch with LMU Munich is to contact the LMU–CSC team of the International Office.


Special LMU–CSC coordinators can help you to find the right research match within a faculty, department or discipline.

“Open positions”

Some of our researches and/or institutes define research projects especially for the LMU–CSC joint program.

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Special features for
LMU-CSC scholars

Once admitted to, and enrolled in the LMU–CSC program, students benefit from a series of supporting measures that not only enable participants to make the best use of LMU’s excellent research environment, but also provide them with important additional skills.

Those features are:

  • CSC full grant

  • Orientation program

  • Language Course

  • Housing support

  • Cultural program

  • Tutoring–Auditing seminar

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Application procedure

The application process for admission to the LMU–CSC program involves two steps.

  1. Students must first apply to LMU. Successful applicants will receive an admission letter for doctoral studies at LMU Munich.
  2. This admission letter is an essential prerequisite for the next step — the application to CSC (see details at China Scholarship Council). LMU synchronizes the application process for admission with the deadlines set by the CSC.

The following information is related to the first step — the application for admission to doctoral studies at LMU Munich:

For a successful application students must fulfill a series of eligibility criteria.

The application period begins in October and ends on February 15th of the following year.

For the initial application students should submit the required documents in both PDF and hardcopy versions. For final admission, only applications in paper form can be accepted.

The final application requires the prior consent of one’s future supervisor. Therefore potential supervisors must be contacted in advance, after having chosen the course or field that best matches your research interests and skills from the many options offered by LMU (see Research opportunities).

The International Office provides assistance by forwarding student requests to potential supervisors. Students are strongly recommended to provide the following information on making the first contact.

  • The application as a PDF file (at this stage without the confirmation of supervision), stating your serious intention of studying at LMU.

  • A short outline of the applicant’s planned research proposal (no more than one page).

  • A letter from the applicant’s supervising professor in China, endorsing the application to LMU.

The complete application, including the confirmation of supervision, must meet the above mentioned deadline.

A selection committee at LMU will carefully review all applications. In the case of a positive decision applicants will receive a letter of admission as soon as possible after receipt of the complete application in Munich.

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